Important: Updated post on Stephen Redmond’s Molokai finish

It’s been a stressful two days for Stephen (and his supporters). A question was raised over the completion of his Molokai swim, which Stephen addresses below. The assertion was that Stephen might not have cleared the water and hence might not have completed the Molokai Channel swim.

I could write a whole post on this issue, (and probably will) but essentially the rules specify that generally the swimmer must stand clear of the water (there are exceptions for possibility and safety in different Channels and locations).

For those not familiar with the rules, the rule exists primarily to make sure the swimmer swims the full distance, as Evan Morrison succinctly put it in a private discussion, “The reason for the “clear the water” rule is so swimmers don’t do a shorter swim than the official distance. […] while swimmers can always choose where they start, they can’t always choose where they finish.”

 In Stephen’s case, he swam further than the minimum distance, and there is NO doubt he swam Molokai Channel.

Stephen’s initial report was written after the swim to get a quick report out so he could get to bed. He wants to give some fuller details. I just received the report below from him, and he’s asked me to put it out as soon as possible and I am delighted to do so to address the concerns.

[T]his is my exact account of finish.
  Skipper Ivan Segaki directed me to swim with tide towards a point around 2 miles away. I Followed [the] boat all the way to the China Walls where a large group of people who had been following the swim had gathered to see the finish.
These included my wife Ann and the Hawaii channel swimmer Linda Kaiser who observed that i completed the swim properly.
  I approached the wall and asked how i was to finish the swim . I was told i needed to come right up out the water on the ledge which I did three times with my complete  body out of the finish  
I asked them both was this ok as  i intended to swim back to the boat as the walkaround china wall to change was too far and uphill. I have 20 witness to this effect .
I swam back to the boat and got on steamed back to  the landing slip to change . hope this clear things up sorry about the description I sent out. I  followed the rules and did what was required of me to finish I was hardly going to make a mistake like that after that swim sorry about this I do not want any one saying I did not complete properly I am not in this to cheat strange world we live in.
If you can put this out I would appreciate it thanks for all your help
kind regards Steve Redmond

I’ll finish with the same thing I said to Steve:

NO-ONE is in any doubt that he swam the Molokai Channel. Stephen Redmond is a swimmer of the highest integrity and he has the full support of every Channel swimmer that I know. This should be the end of the matter.

Please give him as much support as you can, in any way. 

GO STEPHEN! We are all behind you and proud of you.

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