MIMS 2012

Ciaran Byrne and I take to the water around Manhattan on Saturday 23rd for a spot of fun with Dee crewing for me & Margaret and Jim for Ciaran.

Due to the usual communication difficulties, there will be no update to the blog. NYCSwim.org have told us we will all have Trackers, but as of right now, there’s still no detail available.

Check http://nycswim.org/Event/Event.aspx?event_id=2202&from=gps in the hope they finally add something there. I sandbagged my 1500m time too much and so I’m off in the second slowest wave, number 32. Ciaran is in the third wave (second fastest) two minutes later, number 21. (There are 38 Solos this year).

New York has been experiencing a heat wave since we arrived, with temperatures in the high 30s C.! When have Ciaran and I ever had to worry about dehydration? They’ve dropped a bit this evening though and should be a bit better tomorrow again. The water was 20 C+ at Brighton Beach today with some other MIMS swimmers and CIBBOWS swimmers!

The Maxim is mixed, the first layer of suntan lotion (SPF50 for Kids :-)) is drying, I’m off to the scratcher for me sleep, hopefully.

6 thoughts on “MIMS 2012

  1. Best of luck Donal and I hope you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to reading about your experience. 30+ C air and 20+ C water must feel alien!


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