Two men. Two Channels. Two Heroes

Stephen Redmond today made swimming history by becoming the first person to complete the Ocean’s 7 swim challenge after 12 hours 45 minutes.

Around the world thousands were following Steve’s fourth Tsugaru Channel swim to complete the challenge, including a bunch of tense Sandycove swimmers at ¬†Communications Central in Sandycove-on-Sea (aka Dover).

Steve after completing Tsugaru!

And along with Stephen, we were all remotely following a heroic English Channel swim by a very close friend of ours.

It’s hard to explain what these swims mean to us all. Both men are heroes, both men are personal idols, and we’re proud both men are our friends and inspiration.

Be awed and inspired by these two men. And yes, I know the name of the second swimmer isn’t on this post, but those who need to know, already know who he is.


3 thoughts on “Two men. Two Channels. Two Heroes

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  2. That is an amazing effort. I have been a pool swimmer for over 20 years and have just begun swimming a few open water swims. They are so different to what I am used to but exiting and new to me. Reading achievements like Stephen’s is great inspiration. Thanks


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