The Bull, English Channel Solo Swimmer 2012.

Remember 2010 here on When one of the Magnificent Seven Soloed I posted their national flag. I haven’t done it since, not as from disrespect to any of my friends who have swum since, but just I guess because it was our thing.

This post has been waiting for two years. I can’t express how happy I am to finally post it.

In a time of 12 hours and 4 minutes, with pilot Andy King on Louise Jane, with his brother Neilus and Magnificent Seven Solo swimmer Ciaran Byrne as crew, the Bull, Rob Bohane, Soloed on Sept 3rd in a fantastic time of 12.04.

Welcome to the club, Channel Swimmer.

Six of The Magnificent Seven at Sandycove in 2010, for Rob Bohane’s first send-off swim. From left; Ciaran Byrne, Donal, Liam Maher, Jennifer Hurley, Rob Bohane, Gabor Molnar. Channel swimmers one and all.


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