Substance abuser

I have a substance-abuse problem.

Sometimes I’ve used it when I should have been doing other things.

I thought of it when I should have been thinking of other things.

I done it to extremes, by myself, often where no-one else can see me.

Sometimes I done it in full view of others and felt no shame.

I started casually. “This won’t cost much”, I thought.

But gradually it became more serious. I started doing more. I needed to satisfy the cravings and the craving got bigger.

I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. They led me further astray.

Then I started to push others into my questionable lifestyle. “More”, I said. “Do more. Get hard-core”.

I had no shame.

I’ve even enabled others.

And it’s worse, far worse…

…I don’t want to stop.

I’m a sea-swimmer.

I abuse salt-water.

What do you think?

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