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Marathon Swimmers Federation

For some time now, the Marathon Swimmers Federation (by which I mean in this specific case, Evan Morrison, who does the work) has been putting out a regular email newsletter.

The contents are concise and the frequency is low enough not to be intrusive. It goes out every two weeks during off-season and weekly during northern hemisphere open water season (usually on Thursday).

Evan follows a simple and concise content plan. Each edition is a curated round-up of interesting marathon swimming headlines or news links, a very short list of appropriate open water swimming blog post links and the links to the most active current discussion threads on the forum. Just occasionally there is may be an interesting video or brief article directly in the mail.

The utility of email digests or newsletters, (of which I have long been a fan, since the quirky Weekly Weird News back in the 90s), are that they deliver relevant content in which you are interested directly to your inbox, without have to spend time checking blogs or even the forum. Then you can choose to follow the links in which you are interested.

I can tell you that engagement (people who actually follow some of the links from their email inbox) is far ahead of comparable digests, with almost no unsubscriptions, demonstrating that those who sign-up for the newsletter find it both interesting and useful. In fact many forum members prefer such ready and timed availability over repeated visits to the forum itself.

And…you don’t need to be either a marathon swimmer or a member of the forum to subscribe. If you are merely interested in open water swimming generally (like most readers of this site) then at least some of the contents will likely be of interest.

And of course, we stress that you can unsubscribe at any time (directly from the mail, in accordance with EU regulations) or change your subscription preference and that your email is secure and not used for anything or anyone else. MSF is run by a very few people and is free and open to everyone interested in marathon swimming, from any viewpoint or experience or participation level.

How do you sign up? It’s simple. Just follow this link and enter your email address and you are done. You can also see the past edition archives at that location.

Do it, you won’t regret it. Money back guarantee!

What do you think?

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