Something orange for World Suicide Prevention Day

September the 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day, and to recognise the problem people (at least in Ireland), are asked to wear orange.

As with many Republic of Ireland middle-aged men, orange tends not be strongly favoured in my clothing choices, all political persuasions recognised and discussions aside. If you don’t understand what this means, consider yourself fortunate.

But I do have one thing that is orange, that was hard-won and is valued and used until it wears out to be replaced by another. It’s appropriate for me and has helped me, not just when swimming but the message itself, which means much more to me than just swimming or a throwaway quip, though I doubt the CS&PF ever intended it thus. Maybe somewhere out there, it’ll help someone else.

Whoever you are, holding on for another day might just be the greatest thing you can ever do.

CS&PF Nothing Great Is Easy orange So this isn’t for all my usual readers, this is for the ones who enter the desert. I know that when you are in that desert, the messages from outside can mean little. But sometimes, it does help to know that someone understands and I can tell you, I understand.

Fair winds and calm waters.


11 thoughts on “Something orange for World Suicide Prevention Day

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    • Thanks Suzie. That’s about all I’m able to do, I don’t know how to do otherwise, so I can’t take much credit for it. Post like this are difficult to write but often the most difficult part is hitting the Publish button.


  2. Donal, I am moved by your beautifully written story of the desert. I suspect many more people will relate to it than you would think. I’ve had three brothers die by suicide. I’ve struggled with my own demons. I don’t have any great answers or motivational quotes about how to deal with depression or other varieties of mental anguish. But, I’m really, really glad you’re here. What you wrote felt very personal and meaningful. I’m glad we have the water in common – wish we didn’t have that desert.


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