Swimming Links

Marathonswimmers.org. The only open dedicated forum for marathon swimmers worldwide.

Nyad Fact Check site. Dan Slosberg’s comprehensive meta-analysis of the extensive lies Diana Nyad has told over her long duration connected with marathon swimming.

Swim Information

AIS Dover

Dover Harbour Webcam

Garrettstown Tide Times (Old Head of Kinsale).

Hook Head Lighthouse Webcam facing West.

Irish Marine Databuoys.

lovechannelcwimming. CS&PF Pilot Eddie Spelling’s website with excellent embedded tracking. Has wind speed, depth, water temperature, swimmer speed.

OSI Ireland Map Viewer.

Russian Swimming Federation (cold water).

Sandettie Lightship

Tramore Tide Times.

Varne Ridge English Channel Caravan Park. Accept no lesser substitutes.

Windguru. For Dover. For Irish South-East Coast (Tramore). Irish South-West (Kinsale). North Channel (Millisle).

Windfinder. Dover. Kinsale. Tramore. Bangor (North Channel).



Alan Clack’s English Channel blog. Cork Distance Week Alumni and English Channel Soloist. (Dormant).

AndrewSwims. New blog by Marathon Swimming Federation rules co-author and funnyman, Andrew Malinak.

Bethany Bosch’s lyrical open water swimming blog.

Catherine Sheridan’s (Sandycove swimmer) English Channel training blog. (Dormant)

Charlotte Brynn. English Channel Aspirant & marathon swimming blog. Cork Distance Week Alumni.

Elaine Howley. Elaine Howley is a top US marathon and Channel swimmer and one of the four co-authors of the new Marathon Swimmers Federation Rules of Marathon Swimming. She also writes for SWIMMER magazine and the online female exercise and health blog Athleta.

Fergal Somerville, English & coldest North Channel swimmer & Ice Miler.

Farther, Colder, Rougher. My online partner, co-founder of marathonswimmers.org, dual record-holder, Evan Morrison’s marathon swimming blog. The real deal in marathon swimming.

Gábor Molar. My Hungarian stepson and fantastic Triple Crown swimmer.

Gordo’s Swim Log. EC Soloist Gordon Gridley onglong blog. Gordo is an expert in salt mouth and cold lake swimming, and is noted for his huge training mileage.

Hadar Aviram’s excellent thought provoking blog. Like Karen Throsby, Hadar is willing to challenge the rest of us on our assumptions about marathon swimming, her posts on the Nyad affair in particular, and the marathon community response, (though I don’t necessarily agree with all of it).

Hoffy Swims. Paul Hopfensperger’s (twice English Channel Soloist) blog.

Jason Connor’s Against The Tide, beautiful designed English Channel Blog. His training log is great.

IronMike’s Marathon Swims. Mike is learning Irish against a future visit to Sandycove and is currently based in Krgystan. I refuse to check the spelling of that.

Jack Bright’s Extreme Winter Swimming blog. The man and cold water swimming expert behind the Winter Swimming movie.

Jennifer Hurley’s blog. Ex-patriate Sandycove Swimmer, one of the Magnificent Seven, best buddy, English Channel Solo and 5x Rottnest Solos. Currently relocated home to Perth. (Dormant).

Jen Schumacher’s blog. Multiple different Channel Soloist, coach and sport psychologist. Cork Distance Week Alumni.

Jennifer Lane’s blog. Sandycove Swimmer and English Channel Soloist, English Channel training blog. (Dormant)

Kimberly Chambers’ marathon swimming blog. One of the Night Train swimmers and multiple Channel swimmer.

Leora’s English Channel blog.

Liam Maher’s English Channel blog. Sandycove swimmer, one of the Magnificent Seven and English Channel Soloist. (Dormant).

Lisa Cummin’s two-way English Channel 2009 blog. Lisa’s followup blog. (Dormant. For now.)

Not drowning, swimming. Adventures of an ordinary swimmer.

Mark Swims. Marathon swimmer and English Channel Aspirant English Mark Robson’s ongoing blog.

Mauricio Prieto & team’s very good open water swimming blog.

Nuala Muir Cochrane’s blog. English Channel Soloist and coach.(Dormant).

Openwaterswimming.eu Niek Kloots excellent and comprehensive round-up of event calenders and what’s happening in open water swimming across Europe.

OneCharter. CS&PF pilot Eddie Spelling.

Owen “The Fermoy Fish” O’Keefe‘s excellent new blog of his post-English Channel swimming adventures.

Outdoor Swimming Society: A very good blog/roundup & news site.

Our sadly-departed friend Paraic Casey’s blog. We all miss him.

Rob Aquatics. California Open Water swimmer and popular blogger Rob Dumouchel’s ongoing open-water adventures and adventure-bearding.

Sylle Swims. English Channel Soloist (and Sandycove Swimmer at large) and English Channel Record Aspirant Sylvain Estadieu’s marathon swimming blog.

Stephen Redmond. Irishman Stephen Redmond was the first person to complete the Ocean’s Seven Challenge.

Swimmers Rock Sandycove Island Swim Club & Cork Dolphin’s resident open water speedster Carol Cashell’s blog.

SuzieDods  My US Channel swimming friend Suzie Dods’ new site

The Longest Swim. Multiple Channel Soloist Karen Throsby’s blog. Also Cork Distance Week Alumni. And the only English Channel Sociologist in the world.

Trent Grimsey’s blog. 2012 FINA Grand Prix winner and English Channel Solo record holder.

Zoe Sadler’s English Channel blog.


Channel Swimming Associations and Clubs

Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation.

Channel Swimming Association.

Catalina Channel Swimming Association.

Irish Long Distance Swimming Swimming Association.

Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

New York Swim.

Newtown and Guillamene Swimming Club. Tramore’s 80+ pear old open water swimming club. One of my two clubs.

Sandycove Swimmers. Sandycove island Swimming Club. Home of many Channel Swimmers and one of the world’s greatest open water swimming clubs and locations.

Openwaterswimming.eu. Open water swimming across Europe.

Soloswims.com Collection of links to various open water swim associations.


Other Swimming Links

Karen Throsby’s Channel Research Website.

Schwimmen. Bi-lingual collection of swimming articles.

4 thoughts on “Swimming Links

  1. On February 17, 2018, the Open Scandinavian Championship which is a part of the World Cup will be held in Skellefteå for the seventh time. This time, it competes in 25 meter breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly, 50 meter breaststroke and freestyle and 100 meter freestyle. In addition, relays are performed 4 × 25 meters where both sexes must be represented in the team. The opening will be on the evening of February 16th. In short, we will post a link for registration.

    About 400 winterswimmers from 21 countries participated in this year’s competition and 2018 we anticipate more participants.



    • Hi Zane,

      There are maybe four other swimming blogs who have continued almost as long as Loneswimmer. I had a superficial look at your site though & didn’t think it had much about swimming that wasn’t simply a record of training session content or unrelated stuff. What are some good (swimming) articles you’ve written?


  2. Damn that cold water – xmas 2014 galway bay xmas swim for charity….fast forward 8 mths slogging 7 miles in a freezing lido, river swimming in November, shhh pls keep this condition private still appear to lead a normal life with exception of 7 yr old son then rule book is routinely torn up.


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