A Swimmer’s Prayer

It’s a prayer though entirely non-denominational and entirely religion free, but feel free to impose your belief system or lack thereof on it. Feel free to call it a wish, or a blessing or another bad Lone Swimmer poem.  

The Arse of Winter

It gets better from Down Here. Down Here it’s the coldest and the shortest swims. Down Here is where we separate ourselves from the newbies, the dippers, the triathletes, the fakes, the Christmas Day and mystic swimmers. Down Here is where we differentiate ourselves, even from ourselves. Down Here is the bottom of the bathtub…

Image showing Walter from Teh Big lebowski movie holding a gun with the substitle Lane Swimming Rules, - More Important THan The Ten Commandments

I Touched Your Foot

I touched your foot. I didn’t grab it or stroke it. I’m not a weirdo. During the lap. It was just a tap. On your toes. Deliberately. You probably jumped. I’m sorry. I’m not really sorry. I just wanted to pass. Because I’m not fast, But you are more not fast. And I wanted to get past.…